Tuition is based on a yearly amount with our dance year beginning August 28,2023 and ending in June 2024. You can pay your tuition in one payment, or we can break your payment into monthly installments. We do not base it on attendance or weeks in the month. There is no refund for missed classes. Anyone paying classes by monthly installments will need to pay two installments during the first month. Your second installment will be applied as your May payment. If your child decides to no longer dance, you will not be refunded this second installment. Costume payments will be broken into three installments starting in October and ending in December also due the first week of each month. Costume payments are non-refundable. All students will pay a one-time $25.00 recital fee due in October. All installment payments are due the first week of each month. Any payments made after the 7th will have a $5.00 late fee. 
Recital-based class cost: (1 classes is $40 monthly installments and each additional class is $13 more)
All classes are 30 minutes. 
1 class is $400 yearly or $40 monthly installments                               
2 classes are $530 yearly or $53 monthly installments
3 classes are $660 yearly or $66 monthly installments
4 classes are $790 yearly or $79 monthly installments
5 classes are $920 yearly or $92 monthly installments
Costumes cost $45 per class. All advance ballet classes will have two costumes.
We offer a 3% sibling discount for students that are enrolled in 8 or more classes.

Costume Fees & Recital Fee

Recital Classes:

Costume cost is $45.00 per class. Advanced Mon. Ballet will purchase 2 costumes. Costume payments divided into 3 months (ie, $15 October/$15 Nov/$15 Dec.) non-refundable. One time recital fee $25 due 1st week of October (non-refundable).

Circus Program non-recital bases classes: ($40 for 4-week sessions and each additional class is $20 additional per session) if adding a circus class and you are enrolled in our recital-based classes it will be a $20 add on for each class.  

Sibbling discount 3% if sibblings enroll in a combination of 8 or more classes.

Three Month payment discount 2%.


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