Our Dance Classes

On Stage Performance is an all-embracing dance studio seeking to accommodate people of various tastes, talents and age groups. Our dance instructors are currently qualified to offer classes in the following styles:

  • Ballet
  • Pointe (Ages 13+) Mandatory to be enrolled in Ballet
  • Demi Pointe (Ages 11-12) Mandatory to be enrolled in Ballet
  • Acrobatics (Gymnastic Style)
  • Lyrical
  • Tap
  • Jazz
  • Cheer Tumble Mandatory to be enrolled in Acrobatics
  • Flexibility
  • Pop Jazz (Hip Hop Style)
  • Musical Theater
  • Mini Junior Combo Class 4-5 year olds
  • Mini Styles: Tap/Ballet Combo    Jazz/Acrobatic Combo
  • Tiny Toes: 2 1/2 - 4 year olds

Browse the following pages to learn more about the classes we offer. You can also call 240-329-7496 to speak with one of our dance instructors or staff with questions or if you would like to sign up.


Join On Stage Performance for beginner or advanced Ballet classes. Practice and improve your moves using proper body placement, poise, and grace. Advanced Ballet will learn two styles of Ballet; Clasic Ballet and Ballet Tech (a fast pace Ballet)


Junior Acrobatics - A class where students will learn and perfect basic skills such as cartwheels, handstands, splits, basic balance beam movements, along with learning partner stunts, flexibility, and strength moves.


Intermediate Acrobatics - A class where students will learn to master the cartwheel, front limber/walkover, back walkover, along with learning balance beam skills, flexibility and partner moves.


Advanced Acrobatics - A class where students will learn/master the back walkover, front walkover,back handspring, back tuck, arial, along with learning flexibility and partner moves.


This class will combine the dance style combinations mixing Ballet and Jazz. Lyrical is a dance style that often expresses emotion and beauty through movement. Technique is highly emphasized.


This class is a fun style that provides fast footwork and rythym through sound.


A fast paced Broadway style dance class. In this class you will learn kicks, leaps, turns, etc. Junior and Intermediate students will learn to express thier facial emotions with a little sass in this class.

Cheer Tumble

A class where you will learn cheer movements, partner stunts, basic stunts, etc. If you are enrolled in Cheer Tumble it is Mandatory your are enrolled in Acrobatics as well.


A class where student's will learn how to become more flexibile. In this class we will focus on improving the splits, body arch, learn balance, along with basic contortion skills.

Pop Jazz  

Today's newest dance style with Hip-Hop movement.


Dancing on Pointe is the rising on to the tips of the toes while performing Ballet steps. Dancers must be 13 years of age or older and currently enrolled in Ballet.

Demi Pointe

This class helps the dancer to learn the feeling of the Pointe shoe before completly dances on Pointe. It is a gradual transition between Ballet and Pointe. Dancers must be 11 or 12 years of age and currently enrolled in Ballet class.

Voice Lessons/Musical Theater

A class where your student will learn vocal lessons along with learning how to perform for a musical theater performance. 

Mini Juniors

Mini Juniors is our 4-5 year old class. We offer two different Mini Junior Options. The first combo class we offer is a Ballet/Tap combo and the second is a Jazz/Acrobatic combo. Each combo class runs for 30 minutes.

Tiny Toes

A combination class for ages 2 and 6 months - 4 year olds. If you imagine your little girl twrling around the room, tapping to the beat of music, and finding her balance all in one class, then this is the perfect class for you. Our Tiny Toes will learn a combination of Ballet, Tap, and Acrobatics in a 45 minute class.

If you are interested in more information please conact us. 


Thursday Intermediate Ages 9-12 year olds


4:45-5:15pm Acrobatics 

5:15-5:45pm Jazz 

5:45-6:15pm Tap

6:15-6:45pm Ballet 

6:45-7:15pm Lyrical OR Pop Jazz

7:15-7:45pm Cheer Tumble OR Musical Theater


Thursday Juniors Ages 5-7 year olds


 4:45-5:15pm Tap

5:15-5:45pm Acrobatics

5:45-6:15pm Jazz

6:15-6:45pm Ballet 


Thursday Int/Advanced Ages 8-16 year olds


6:45-7:15 Conditioning 

7:15-7:45pm Musical Theater

OR Pointe (Must be 13 or Older)

7:15-7:45pm Cheer Tumble 

7:45-8:15pm Flexibility 

7:45-8:15 Demi Pointe (Must be 11-12)

8:15-8:45pm Tap (Advanced must be 14 or older)



Wednesday Tiny Toes 2 1/2-4 Year olds


4:45-5:30 (Ages 2-4)

5:00-5:45 (Ages2-3)

5:45-6:30 (Ages 3-4)




Tuesday Intermediate 9-14 year olds


4:45-5:15pm Jazz OR Skills

5:15-5:45pm Tap

5:45-6:15pm Ballet

6:15-6:45pm Lyrical (Waiting List)

6:45-7:15pm Acrobatics (Waiting List)

7:15-7:45pm Pop Jazz OR Musical Theater

7:45-8:15pm Cheer Tumble OR Flexibility

7:45-8:15pm Lyrical


Wednesday Mini Junior Ages 4-5


6:00-6:30 Acrobatic/Jazz Combo





Tuesday Juniors 6-8 Year olds


4:45-5:15pm Skills

5:15-5:45pm Jazz

5:45-6:15pm Acrobatics

6:15-6:45pm Tap

6:45-7:15pm Ballet

7:15-7:45pm Pop Jazz OR Musical Theater



Student's 7 years and older

7:45-8:15pm Cheer Tumble OR Flexibility



If you have questions or are interested in enrolling in any of the styles above please just go to the contact us link and send us a message.


Tuesday Mini Junior's 4-5 Year olds

4:45-5:15 Ballet/Tap Combo

5:15/5:45 Jazz/Acrobatic Combo


5:45-6:15 Ballet/Tap Combo

6:15-6:45 Jazz/Acrobatic Combo





Monday Advanced 13 - 15

4:45-5:30pm Ballet

5:30-6:15pm Jazz

6:15-6:30pm Dinner Break

6:30-7:15pm Pop Jazz

7:15-8:00pm Acrobatics

8:00-8:45pm Lyrical

(Advanced Level Only)


If you are 16 or older please contact us for your schedule
















Class Schedule Updated 07/19/2019

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